[Mauko] Drawing Fuji

[Karien] God is in the details

Karien from Belgium is staying at DOSO residence right now.  The impressive thing was that she started her works from cleaning up the DOSO studio ”perfectly” by re-arranging the material so ”beautifully”.  She told me that "Do you know the God is in the details?"  Let's see how she will invite the god to DOSO from now on.   Anyway, welcome to DOSO Karien !!'

[Tara] Hakanai Lantern

[Lila] Tshirts & Manga

[Catherine] Cats Fabrics

Sometimes artists try the new method that they did not try before.  Catherine might has worked like that in DOSO. She didn't bring any idea before she came here and decided what she would do after having field work on this city.  She got inspirations from field work on Fujiyoshida like 'weaving city', 'the aging wall of old houses', 'Japanese pattern', 'Noren', 'Kakejiku' etc... After one month stay in DOSO, finally she has finished her project.  Actually it's not finished perfectly but also